August 6, 2008

Leading Drug Delivery Companies and TechnologiesCompe

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Leading Drug Delivery Companies and Technologies: Competitive Landscape, Company Profiles and Technological Developments" report to their offering.

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Some key findings from this report...

- The oral delivery system continues to dominate the drug delivery market due to convenient usage, cost-effectiveness and low frequency of administration. Needle less injectables, PEGylation technologies and micro-electromechanical devices are among the novel technologies with the greatest growth potential.

- The market for parenteral drugs and solutions sold in prefilled syringes and premixed IV systems will grow, due to the ease of administration and resistance to infections associated with these methods. The needle-free delivery sector will rise to $3bn by 2010.

- Pulmonary delivery technologies are increasingly prevalent in pain management, cystic fibrosis and diabetes. Pulmonary-based delivery vehicles are currently the focus of a number of major companies including Nektar, Aradigm, 3M, and Alkermes.

- Dry powder inhalers will secure the largest share of sales within the asthma market, as demand for treatments in this therapy area continues to expand. However, MDI products will experience a relatively higher rate of growth due to consistent improvements in particle size and safe propellant delivery.

Leading Drug Delivery Companies and Technologies

Over the last decade, the drug delivery industry has evolved to become a key area in the development of value-added pharmaceutical products. The global market grew from $15bn to $40bn during 2000-2006 as companies increasingly turned to drug delivery technologies as a means of expanding product lifecycles, enhancing drug efficacy and maximizing revenues. Although the market is still dominated by the oral drug delivery system, a number of novel technologies are emerging across all systems of delivery. However, the pure drug delivery company model is rapidly becoming extinct as leading players attempt to consolidate their strategic opportunities by expanding their focus towards manufacturing, a trend that is expected to accelerate over the next five years.

'Leading Drug Delivery Companies and Technologies' is a new report that examines the current and future trends that are shaping the drug delivery market and reviews the key emerging technologies across major systems of drug delivery. This report identifies the product portfolios and targeted therapeutic areas of leading drug delivery companies in addition to assessing their technology platforms to provide guidance over their applicability, regulatory implications and developmental progress. This report also evaluates the opportunities and threats facing each of the companies profiled and provides a comparative analysis of the growth strategies used to facilitate successful deals and collaborations.

Identify key trends and developments in the global drug delivery market, assess the performances and portfolios of leading drug delivery companies and benchmark their strategies with this new report...

Top reasons to order your copy today

- Discover the key issues and trends in the global drug delivery market with this report's analysis of market size and growth, the commercial value of drug delivery systems and the extended strategic focus of growing numbers of drug delivery companies.

- Identify the dynamics of major drug delivery systems by evaluating the latest market developments and technological innovations in oral, pulmonary, injectable and transdermal delivery platforms.

- Assess the leading players in the drug delivery market with this report's review of the opportunities and threats, financial performances and R&D expenditures of Biovail, Elan, SkyePharma, Alkermes, Bioject, QLT, Nektar, Aradigm, Antares, Noven, Alza and 3M.

- Benchmark the strategies of leading drug delivery companies by evaluating their product portfolios and pipelines, deals and alliances, targeted therapeutic areas and technology platforms

Key issues examined in this report...

- Technology driving growth. Drug delivery technologies are being used to boost revenues and enhance product efficacy by developing future commercial opportunities and expanding product lifecycles.

- Expanding strategic focus. A growing number of drug delivery companies are evolving into specialty pharma companies. Widening the core business to incorporate manufacturing is a strategy increasingly used to enhance revenues.

- Stagnant R&D investment. The companies featured in this report recorded an average growth in R&D expenditure of just 6% during 2003-2007. This low growth in R&D spend is likely to inhibit the discovery and development of new products in the short term.

- Inhaled insulin setback. The development of inhaled insulin has been the focus of many companies operating in the pulmonary drug delivery field. However, a high number late-stage terminations have raised doubts over the commercial potential of this delivery vehicle.

Your questions answered...

- What are the major issues surrounding drug delivery within the global pharma industry?

- What are the latest innovations and developments in different drug delivery vehicles?

- What are the market dynamics for oral, injectable, pulmonary and transdermal drug delivery systems?

- What are the key technologies and growth strategies of leading drug delivery companies?

- What are the product portfolios, pipeline candidates, financial performances and R&D expenditures of these leading companies?

- What opportunities and threats will drug delivery companies face in the future?

Key Topics Covered:

-Leading Drug Delivery Companies and Technologies

-Executive Summary

-Overview on drug delivery industry

-Oral drug delivery system

-Injectable drug delivery system

-Pulmonary drug delivery system

-Transdermal drug delivery system

Companies Mentioned:

-Nektar Therapeutics


-Liposomal Formulations


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