August 6, 2008

TriMix Laboratories Signs Agreement With American Pharmacy Solutions

TriMix Laboratories has entered into an agreement with American Pharmacy Solutions as the exclusive pharmacy for prescription fulfillment of TriMix gel.

TriMix gel has been prescribed by doctors as a first line and secondary treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). American Pharmacy Solutions (APS) is a licensed compounding pharmacy which makes TriMix gel medicine for each individual patient in response to a prescription from a physician.

TriMix gel is a gel-based treatment which has been prescribed for ED patients who have failed on Viagra, Levitra and Cialis type tablets or who could not tolerate the side effects. It uses an all-in-one ED gel application system which stores, mixes and applies the medicine at time of use.

Steve Berklow, APS owner and president, said: "Our 50 years of experience in the pharmacy industry leaves us uniquely qualified to enter into this relationship with TriMix Laboratories. We look forward to delivering top shelf quality service and medicine to our patients."