August 6, 2008

Prince Philip Active Despite Cancer

Prince Philip is continuing his duties as a British royal despite being diagnosed with cancer, palace officials said.

The 87-year-old prince has accepted a number of officials engagements since a diagnosis of prostate cancer was confirmed, London's Evening Standard reported.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who also has a heart condition, has maintained a full schedule, including receptions, a tour to Turkey with Queen Elizabeth II and attending his grandson's wedding, the palace said.

"Philip's utterly dedicated to the Queen and this country and his role as the managing director of 'The Firm' (the royal family) is not in question," a palace official told the Evening Standard.

Last weekend it was revealed that Philip granted his relatives permission to prerecord eulogies in preparation for his death.

"Despite his heart problems and the cancer, Philip's in robust health for a man of his age and is determined to (plow) on," a royal source said to the newspaper. "He's mentally very sharp and he's always said he'll continue carrying out his royal duties until he's physically immobile."