August 6, 2008

Do Not Force Some to Violate Beliefs

If one distills the venom from Scripps Howard columnist Dan Thomasson's angry diatribe against the religious freedom rights of pharmacists who refuse to dispense the morning after pill, what you have left is a formula for overt discrimination against Catholics, and others, in the healthcare industry. ("Unmitigated arrogance on birth control," July 14.)

Should Thomasson and those who agree with him prevail, then persons with sincerely held moral and religious beliefs about the sanctity of innocent human life from conception to natural death will be confronted with the choice of violating their consciences or sacrificing their jobs.

The abolition of conscience clauses in healthcare means that those who refuse to participate in abortions, or in the distribution of abortifacient contraceptives, will ultimately be excluded from professions such as pharmacy, medicine, nursing and hospital administration.

Thomasson adheres to an ideology which claims to defend the right of choice.

He evidently sees no hypocrisy in demanding that people be fired for choosing not to kill.

Executive Director

Catholic Action League of Massachusetts



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