August 11, 2008

Reach Call, Inc. Expands Coverage to Seven States

REACH Call, Inc., the leading provider of 100 percent Web-based solutions for remote treatment of medical conditions such as stroke, has announced that more than 60 hospitals in seven states are using its turn-key telestroke and telehealth service. The company continues to grow at a fast pace, adding 14 customers in the past three months.

"Rural hospitals in Tennessee and Wyoming now can connect with specialists located anywhere in the world, enabling them to provide quality care to more patients without purchasing expensive proprietary hardware or software," said Sandeep Agate, REACH President & CEO.

REACH was conceived several years ago as a way to quickly and remotely treat stroke patients, who often must be treated within three hours to minimize long-term effects. Rural hospitals in California, Florida, Georgia, New York and South Carolina have installed REACH in a hub-and-spoke model, where neurologists at the larger "hub" hospital provide consulting services to smaller "spoke" hospitals for remote stroke evaluation. Along the way, the hospitals noticed that the REACH Web-based telestroke and telehealth services also would be ideal for connecting with other types of specialists. So, earlier this year, REACH began developing other modules, and it released the General Telemedicine module last April.

"Tennessee and Wyoming have a tremendous need for improved stroke care, which REACH delivers. As a bonus, our new customers in these states already are using our latest General Telemedicine module to evaluate, diagnose and treat other medical conditions," Agate added.

REACH does not require any proprietary or expensive hardware--only a standard PC with a webcam and broadband Internet connection. Spoke hospital ER staff use a Web browser running on a laptop embedded in a REACH mobile workstation to initiate a consult with a specialist who is affiliated with the hub hospital. The consulting physician can use any laptop or PC, a standard off-the-shelf webcam, and a broadband Internet connection to communicate with the spoke hospital. The specialist has complete control over the 2-way audio and video communication and can view all patient data and DICOM images, then use the integrated decision support tools to efficiently and effectively evaluate the patient and recommend treatment. All data and medical images collected during the consult are securely stored in REACH databases and can be used for immediate billing, quality of care measurement and generation of on-demand reports and statistics.

About REACH Call, Inc.

REACH Call, Inc. is a full-service Application Services Provider (ASP) offering the most complete, secure and robust web-based tools powered by integrated audio-visual communication capabilities and decision support algorithms. Founded in March 2006 by Dr. David C. Hess and other leaders at the Medical College of Georgia, REACH Call's telestroke and telehealth solutions provide for remote evaluation and diagnosis of conditions such as stroke. REACH Call's patent-pending technology is the only 100 percent web-based telestroke / telehealth solution currently available on the market. For more information on REACH Call, visit