August 11, 2008

Concept Media Releases New Programs on Tubes and Vascular Access

Concept Media, a leading producer and distributor of healthcare education media, has just added Tubes and Vascular Access to its large library of programs. These new scenario-based series have been developed to enhance the understanding and use of the various types of tubes and catheters available for effective patient care.

"We have listened closely to our clients, who have specifically requested effective tools to help educate their students and staff on the use of tubes and catheters in their practice," explained Tricia Rodewald, President of Concept Media. Rodewald continues, "Improving patient outcomes is a priority and a thorough understanding of the care and treatment of patients with these devices is vital."

Tubes reviews the most common types of tubes used to promote positive patient outcomes including: nasogastric, percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy, and endoscopic jejunostomy tubes; Jackson Pratt, Hemovac, and Penrose drains; wound vacuums; needle decompression devices; and chest tubes. TheTubes series uses realistic scenarios to illustrate nursing assessments and interventions associated with tubes as well as techniques that can be used for patient-family pre-release education.

Vascular Access focuses on some of the most common devices that are used for vascular access - peripheral IVs, peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC lines), peripheral arterial lines, and central lines with both external and internal ports. Each program within the Vascular Access series uses art and scenarios to illustrate, describe, and demonstrate the various catheters. In addition, nursing assessments and risk factors are explored.

Studies report that e-learning greatly increases retention of the curriculum as well as saves the educators' time in both teaching and remediation of the subject matter. This is especially true in nursing to ensure that complex skills are performed consistently and accurately.

About Concept Media

Concept Media, a division of Jobson Medical Information LLC, is a producer and international distributor of award-winning education media for colleges, healthcare institutions, social service agencies, counseling centers and other clients. Best known in the arena of nurse education, Concept Media has been producing and distributing quality education programs for over 35 years and is currently represented in over 95% of America's nursing school libraries.