August 11, 2008

Affordable Spay Neuter Clinic Opens in Philadelphia Suburbs

POTTSTOWN, Pa., Aug. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Diane's Discount Pet Supplies and Adoption Center announced today the opening of the Affordable Spay Neuter Clinic, located in the lower level of the retailer's Route 100 business in Pottstown, PA. The Clinic's mission is to help decrease the overwhelming pet overpopulation problem by providing affordable sterilizations for pets and feral cats in the region.

"We are trying to take away cost as the reason for not having one's pet sterilized," says Steven M. Silberman, DVM of the Affordable Spay Neuter Clinic. "We estimate our fees are 50% to 75% less than local, full-service animal hospitals. By dedicating our facility to spaying and neutering, we don't have to support other hospital services through high surgery fees. This enables us to keep our costs down and therefore available to more people so we can make a greater impact."

The Clinic houses treatment facilities, a dual surgical suite and recovery area, and utilizes skilled volunteers and paid technical staff to provide service. "We perform pre-surgical exams on all pets, provide quality anesthesia and pain relief medications, and utilize sterilized surgical instrument packs for each procedure," says Dr. Silberman.

Dr. Silberman has worked for more than 20 years as a veterinary practitioner in his own practice, as an emergency room veterinarian, and by performing thousands of surgeries for shelters. Dr. Silberman also runs a low cost vaccine clinic each month at Diane's.

"We opened our adoption center in 1989 and have a policy that mandates the spaying or neutering of pets we place," says Diane Dietch-Silberman, owner of Diane's. "By opening the Affordable Spay Neuter Clinic, we can now enforce this policy and take a proactive step to address the ongoing and chronically under-addressed problem -- the control and destruction of cats and dogs due to pet overpopulation."

The Affordable Spay Neuter Clinic is not equipped to provide routine veterinary services or treatment for sick animals, but will provide ancillary services for spay and neuter patients such as retained puppy teeth extractions, puppy hernia repairs, and miscellaneous minor surgeries as well as minor medical treatments for ear mites, nail trims, and anal sac expression. For fees and additional information, please call (610) 970-4173 or visit

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