August 12, 2008

United Regional Health Care System Partners With CDW Healthcare

United Regional Health Care System of Wichita Falls, Texas, has launched the initial phase of its electronic care documentation initiative, with a customized cart solution configured and deployed by CDW Healthcare, a provider of healthcare technology products and services.

CDW Healthcare technology collaborated with the health care system's IT department and several clinicians to understand their requirements. After numerous discussions, the CDW Healthcare team committed to build, configure and deploy a mobile computing and medication administration solution that equips the health care system's emergency department (ED) and inpatient care units with customized carts.

The cart solution is claimed to support a variety of ongoing initiatives, such as bedside ED patient admission, care documentation via an electronic medical record and a positive patient identification system intended to reduce medical errors.

The documentation carts are equipped with laptops configured for wireless use, tablet PCs and washable keyboards and mice. Medication carts were also deployed and included modular, passcode-secured storage drawers as well as specialized handheld scanners to enable proper medication administration.

To prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed with a single large shipment of carts, CDW Healthcare coordinated a delivery schedule that met United Regional's needs. CDW Healthcare deployed the technology over a period of approximately two months.

Dwayne McKee, manager of application and project planning at United Regional, said: "CDW Healthcare's ability to build and configure a customized solution, coupled with the depth of their vendor partnerships, vastly simplified our acquisition process. Now we have the infrastructure in place to support our long-term goal: a paperless clinical environment that provides each patient with safe, quality care they deserve."