August 13, 2008

Brain Fitness Program Offers Hope for Breast Cancer Survivors Suffering From “Chemobrain”

New research shows that using the computer-based Posit Science Brain Fitness Program(TM) may improve mental function in cancer patients with symptoms of "chemobrain," a condition documented in up to 75% of breast cancer survivors as a result of undergoing chemotherapy.

"Chemobrain" negatively affects people's quality of life by impairing concentration and the ability to make decisions. It also increases anxiety and depression and often limits their ability to participate in normal daily activities such as caring for children, working and household duties.

What makes these symptoms all the more frustrating is that the medical community does not have a proven treatment.

Nineteen breast cancer survivors, all women, who underwent chemotherapy and reported having "chemobrain," participated in Posit Science's study. Each used the Posit Science Brain Fitness Program(TM), a series of specially designed cognitive exercises, for one hour a day, five days a week--for a total of 40 hours.

Study results showed that 94% of participants experienced positive changes in their overall wellbeing and reported statistically significant improvements in cognitive function, stress levels and health-related quality of life.

"When I began the training, I couldn't remember appointments, where I put things and I had trouble finding the right word," said Sueann Mark, PhD, who participated in the study. Dr. Mark says she started to notice changes after just a couple of weeks. "My attention span was getting longer. I could read through entire articles that a couple of weeks ago I couldn't get through. Knowing that I was exercising my mind and reactivating it was really comforting to me."

"While further studies are needed, the implications for improved brain health in cancer patients looks promising," said lead researcher, Sarah-Jane Kim, MA. "It's a practical approach to improving the quality of life in cancer patients because it is non-invasive and therefore, does not require additional medication or interfere with cancer treatment."

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