August 14, 2008

Eye Diseases Increase in Afghanistan – Afghan Doctors

Excerpt from report by Afghan independent Tolo TV, on 13 August

[Presenter] The increase in suicide attacks and different types of explosions and families' negligence have led to a 10 per cent increase in eye diseases. According to figures given by the Nur Hospital, 40,000 patients have been treated at this hospital since the beginning of the current year. Officials of the Nur Hospital say around 400 people suffering from eye diseases come to the hospital daily.

Shakila Ibrahimkhel with more details.

[Correspondent] Nur Hospital is the first hospital treating eye diseases in the country. Physicians at this hospital say that the increase in the country's population and unrest have led to an increase in different eye diseases and that around 12,000 come to the hospital every month.

[A young boy lying on bed, in Dari] I am advising all children not to play with glass as it may hit their eyes.

[A young men who has lost his sight, in Pashto] The Nur Hospital should operate as an independent entity. There is no room for some patients, and we are staying in the corridors.

[Passage omitted: some other patients speak; background information on the hospital]

Originally published by Tolo TV, Kabul, in Dari and Pashto 1330 13 Aug 08.

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