August 14, 2008

Hoana Medical Partners With Kahala Nui

Hoana Medical has announced a partnership with Kahala Nui, a senior living community in Hawaii, to deliver a vigilance technology to patients and residents at its onsite Hi'olani Care Center in order to improve patient safety.

Hoana Medical said that Kahala Nui joins a list of progressive healthcare facilities by providing the LifeBed patient vigilance system technology that tracks a patient's or residents' vital signs, while minimizing the risk of falling out of bed, a health risk with elderly patients.

The LifeBed technology identifies patients as they begin to deteriorate and immediately notifies the nursing staff - all invisible to the patient since there is no physical connection to the patient whatsoever, according to Hoana Medical.

Marilyn Israel, executive director of Kahala Nui, said: "This will be a pilot to test the application of the LifeBed in a skilled nursing setting. The fact is that falls are an issue for seniors nationwide. We are pleased to take this proactive step to incorporate the latest technologies and ensure the best care for our residents."