August 14, 2008

BB’s Stuart is Well Made-Up

By Frances Burscough

Girls - guard your make-up collection with care!

Your man might be rifling through it before long and asking for tips before you know it.

The reason? Stuart (above), the cute model type from the current series of Big Brother, has been shown frequently in front of a mirror using cosmetics and the girls all love him in spite of, or even because of, it.

He's not gay; he's not even camp; and he looks pretty darn fit as a result.

So, now that the sexual-ambiguity stigma has been lifted at last, expect the likes of Rimmel and No7 to launch a new collection of GuyLiner, Manscara and Male Varnish 'For Guys who Apply ... '

Originally published by Frances Burscough [email protected]

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