August 17, 2008

Scientists Feel Study Success in Their Bones

A STUDY has been launched by scientists in Edinburgh to detect symptoms of a common bone disease early.

It is hoped the work will uncover ways to improve the treatment of Paget's disease of bone, which affects thousands of older people. It leads to accelerated bone growth in the skull, pelvis and spine which causes the sufferer a great deal of pain.

But now scientists at Edinburgh University's Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine have been awarded almost GBP 500,000 to launch a study.

The institute's Professor Stuart Ralston - who is heavily involved in the Arthritis Research Campaign - said: "Breakthroughs in identifying genetic mutations that are responsible for causing Paget's disease have now made it possible for genetic testing to be carried out via a simple blood test.

"If the people who are likely to develop Paget's later in life can be identified in middle age, there is a chance to stop the disease in its tracks."

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