August 18, 2008

Air Ambulance Could Land on Garage Roof

I Read the article about plans for a multi-storey car park at Cheltenham General Hospital (Echo, August 11).

Has anyone considered going down two or three storeys? Also, if they built it below ground, the reinforcing required for this should be sufficient for the County Air Ambulance to land on the roof of the new parking garage?

I've been on the NHS website for Cheltenham General Hospital and they talk about a park-and-ride, though I have yet to find any description of where to find this wonderful creature. Park-and- ride is a wonderful idea, and could be run from a site away from the hospital with minibuses every 10 to 20 minutes.

Cheltenham General could also provide electric golf buggies to transport patients who find it difficult to walk from where they get off the park-and-ride minibus to a corridor junction near their destination inside the hospital.

Sandra, Cheltenham.

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