August 18, 2008

Constipation Drug Banned in United States Because of Health Risks


Dear Dr. Gott: I took Zelnorm over a year ago, until my doctor said the Food and Drug Administration had taken it off the market and it was no longer available. Since I was suffering from chronic constipation, it was very helpful in regulating my system.

I've had nothing but problems now that I'm not using it. I've tried a number of prescription drugs, over-the-counter stool softeners and just about everything I can find. Nothing works like Zelnorm did. I hope there will be minor changes to the drug and it will become available again in the near future.

Until then, are overseas markets reliable and trustworthy? The generic name is tegaserod, and I see it can be bought from online pharmacies.

Dear Reader: Zelnorm, a product manufactured by Novaritis, was introduced to combat Irritable Bowel Syndrome and constipation. It was removed from the market in March 2007 after an analysis of 29 separate studies revealed that patients using the product suffered a higher probability of heart attack, chest pain and stroke.

As I have indicated in the past, the FDA is responsible for ensuring the safety of all drugs, whether manufactured here or abroad. Before you consider the option of purchasing outside the country, consider Digestive Advantage, available at your local pharmacy. The product has been highly endorsed by Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers and might do the trick without prescription medication. Keep me posted.

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