August 18, 2008

DSS Licenses IntelliDose to Standardize VA Oncology Practices

IntrinsiQ, LLC, the oncology practice experts, and DSS, Inc. today announced a major licensing deal to provide a customized version of IntrinsiQ's flagship clinical software -- IntelliDose(R) -- to more than 130 oncology departments across the expansive U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital network.

The software, to be marketed as VistA Chemotherapy Manager (VCM)(TM), calculates, manages and tracks complex chemotherapy regimens to standardize treatment decisions and streamline operational practices. It produces legible, complete, and electronically verified orders to ensure dosing accuracy.

The deal expands a five-year relationship of VA hospitals using IntelliDose to manage the chemotherapy treatment of thousands of veterans. Through this new deal, DSS, the leading provider of integrated software packages to the VA, will customize and integrate IntelliDose into the VA's VistA(R) health information system suite to ensure seamless patient information sharing and that the highest standards of care are met.

"The oncology specialty is a science of precise calculations and constant adjustments to regimens, requiring detailed documentation that needs to be shared across large clinical teams," said Mark Byers, president of DSS. "IntelliDose is proven to meet the very specific needs of oncology treatment, while establishing best-practices for the best patient care possible."

The VA joins more than 500 oncologists at leading hospitals, health networks and private practices that rely on IntelliDose to treat more than 19,500 patients each month. The computerized physician order entry (CPOE) solution eases oncologists' transition from paper and pen to the electronic health record by adapting to the existing workflow of a practice while automating the management of essential chemotherapy lines-of-treatment.

"Oncologists have never had more challenges. There are more patients to treat within the same office hours, more treatment options to choose from and far greater complexity in dosing," said Ted Owens, division general manager of IntrinsiQ's IntelliDose software division. "VCM will remove the complexity and potential for errors in hand-calculated chemotherapy regimens while institutionalizing optimal treatment decisions for our nation's veterans."

About DSS, Inc.

DSS, Inc. has provided VistA integrated administrative and clinical software applications to the VA since 1994. These include billing, coding, dental, document imaging, fee basis claims processing, medical charting, mental health, patient registration, radiology decision support, release of medical information, telecare triage, and voice recognition. In addition, DSS, Inc. has integrated administrative and clinical medical software applications of over a dozen other companies with VistA. DSS, Inc. is also one of seven contract holders of the VA's VistA Contractor Support (VCS) blanket purchase agreement (BPA). The VCS vendors provide contracted software maintenance and support of the 110 modules which comprise VistA. For more information, please visit

About IntrinsiQ

IntrinsiQ, LLC is the leading provider of medical oncology workflow solutions and the premier source of US oncology data and analysis. Each month, IntrinsiQ's market leading software application, IntelliDose(R), captures the treatment decisions and details from more than 500 oncologists, for more than 19,500 unique patients, and regarding more than 128,000 drug administrations. The IntrinsiQ database is unrivaled in accuracy, detail and timeliness of information about the medical oncology care process. This database is the foundation of products and services that uniquely address the business information needs of pharmaceutical product managers, market researchers and financial analysts. For more information, please visit