August 18, 2008

Deseret Health Group to Take Quality of Care to New Levels By Deploying Voice-Assisted Care Across Its 11-Facility Enterprise

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Vocollect Healthcare Systems, Inc. announces that Deseret Health Group, with corporate headquarters in Centerville, Utah, is deploying AccuNurse(R) voice-assisted care in all 11 of its skilled nursing facilities located throughout Kansas, and any future facilities it acquires under its aggressive growth strategy. Deseret Health Group expects the investment in voice-assisted care to take quality of care to new levels of performance by enabling more proactive care, increasing productivity of its direct care team and providing more time for direct resident care.

By giving caregivers the capability to access resident care needs on-demand, complete paperwork simply by talking, enhance care-team collaboration with Silent Paging(TM) and respond faster to resident needs, Deseret Health Group will achieve numerous performance and reimbursement gains, including enabling higher levels of staff efficiency while increasing quality, eliminating paperwork, and achieving compliance.

According to Ty Weston, president of Deseret Health Group, the decision to implement AccuNurse voice-assisted care begins with the residents. "At the center of each of our facilities, you will find the resident. Every decision made, from the corporate offices to each facility, is based on what is best for them. We realize that technology, when properly selected and applied, enhances the human touch. We selected voice-assisted care because it ideally matches our criteria for improving resident care. We wanted a tool that would enable our care team to multitask; and with voice-assisted care, they can retrieve care needs and document right at the bedside -- or from anywhere in the facility -- as they're doing their jobs. Voice-assisted care enables a better process flow and collaboration for nursing assistants, which creates a more productive, efficient and accurate way to care for our residents."

AccuNurse voice-assisted care enables the following processes: real-time access to information and other staff; the elimination of paper-based printouts for managing care needs and documentation; the ability for caregivers to make decisions more accurately and quickly; and, the ability for the care team to multi-task while documenting care, thereby improving productivity and directing more time back to residents.

"We have implemented automated clinical systems in each of our facilities during the past year that allow us to be paperless in every area but at the point of care. Since we measure productivity and outcomes on a CNA-to-CNA level at the point of care, we knew we weren't being as efficient as we could be," explained Weston. "Continuous charting throughout a shift will enable our team to take productivity and accuracy to new levels, and that benefits our staff and our organization as a whole. But most importantly, it enables us to provide the personalized, specialized care that our residents and their families want and deserve."

According to James Quasey, president of Vocollect Healthcare Systems, "Voice-assisted care complements Deseret Health Group's progressive mission to provide unparalleled quality of care to residents. By empowering its team with voice, Deseret is not only providing the highest levels of direct care to its residents, but is also empowering its frontline caregivers with the most advanced productivity and communication tool available in the long-term care industry today."

About Vocollect Healthcare Systems

AccuNurse voice-assisted care from Vocollect Healthcare Systems, Inc. makes it easy for healthcare professionals to retrieve care needs on-demand, chart activities as they are completed, and Silent Page each other for help. Organizations using AccuNurse benefit from lower operating costs, maximized reimbursements, and improved quality of care. Vocollect Healthcare Systems is a subsidiary of Vocollect, Inc., the global leader in voice technology and delivering performance improvements in productivity, accuracy, cost reduction and worker satisfaction for mobile employees on six continents.

Vocollect(R) is a registered trademark of Vocollect, Inc.; AccuNurse(R) is a registered trademark of Vocollect Healthcare Systems.

About Deseret Health Group

Deseret Health Group manages and operates 11 skilled nursing facilities located throughout the state of Kansas, using innovative technology and a Six Sigma quality philosophy to deliver quality resident care. Deseret's leverages is executive team's combined 32 years of long-term care management experience, and combined 14 years Six Sigma quality management experience, to bring pioneering quality and technology solutions to long-term care.

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