August 19, 2008


NEW YORK, Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- At last, parents can strike back at the growing problem of childhood obesity and teach their children how to eat what they want-without gaining weight! The authors of the runaway bestseller EAT THIS, NOT THAT! return with a groundbreaking new book that makes staying lean easy for children: EAT THIS, NOT THAT! For Kids. Available nationwide on August 19, this revolutionary book is a comprehensive guide to simple food swaps that will allow kids to still eat their favorite foods without packing on the pounds.

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America's food industry spends countless millions marketing an "eat this, feel better" culture to our kids. The result? Obesity and type-2 diabetes rates have quadrupled among children in just the past 30 years. But with EAT THIS, NOT THAT! For Kids, parents now have a powerful tool to navigate the onslaught of sugary cereals and "happy" meals that kids love, while saving their families hundreds of unnecessary calories -- every day! -- at major chain restaurants, in supermarkets, in school cafeterias, and even at home.

Through exhaustive research, the authors uncovered the best and worst food choices available on kids' menus across the country, and compiled dozens of informative features for parents, including:

-- The 10 rules of good nutrition. Follow these 10 simple steps and ensure a lifetime of healthy eating for your child.

-- The school-cafeteria survival guide. From the steam tables to the vending machines, don't let your kid head off to school without this information.

-- The EAT THIS, NOT THAT! Menu Decoder. This is your ticket to eat anywhere with your kids, from the breakfast diner on the road to the sushi spot in your neighborhood.

-- A week of perfect eating at home. Find out which of your weeknight standbys should be stood by, and which deserve to be deserted.

-- A new and improved EAT THIS, NOT THAT! food pyramid. Discover the foods your kids (and you!) really need to be eating.

-- Restaurant Report Cards ranking the most popular chain restaurants on an A to F basis. See if your family's favorite places to eat make the grade.

-- The 20 worst kids meals in America. Learn to avoid the restaurant industry's weapons of mass construction.

EAT THIS, NOT THAT! For Kids' 320 pages are packed with crucial eating strategies, savvy tricks, and insider information the food industry doesn't want to tell you. For example, did you know?

-- The average kids' meal at Outback Steakhouse packs 93 grams of fat -- almost double the recommended daily allowance.

-- A single slice of Chuck E. Cheese's pepperoni and sausage pizza plus two bread sticks contains a whopping 1,426 milligrams of sodium -- more than a day's worth for the average child.

-- It would take two trips to the top and back of the Empire State Building, a 1,576-stair climb, to burn the calories in just two pieces of KFC's Extra Crispy Chicken (a whopping 810 calories)!

-- By making a batch of spaghetti and meatballs and a mixed green salad instead of fettuccine Alfredo and Caesar salad for dinner, parents can save their kids 360 calories and 23 grams of fat!

-- Your child will see more than 5,000 food commercials this year -- most of them aimed at selling him or her the very calorie-laden foods that could undermine your child's health, fitness, and self-esteem.

Entertaining, informative and easy-to-use, EAT THIS, NOT THAT! For Kids is a critical tool for teaching both parents and children healthy and responsible eating habits for life.

DAVID ZINCZENKO is the Editor-in-Chief of Men's Health magazine and the editorial director of Women's Health and Best Life magazines, as well as the author of New York Times bestsellers The Abs Diet and The Abs Diet for Women. Once an overweight child, Zinczenko has become one of the nation's leading experts on health and fitness. He is a regular contributor to the Today show and has appeared on Oprah, Ellen, Good Morning America, and Primetime Live.

MATT GOULDING is the food and nutrition editor of Men's Health. He has cooked and eaten his way around the world, touching down in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he divides most of his time between keyboard and stovetop.

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