August 19, 2008

VersaForm Offers Medical Practice Management Software to Physicians As Subscription-Based Service

VersaForm Systems Corp. announces the availability of VersaForm Medical Practice Management software as a subscription-based service. The software is a total patient accounting and insurance billing system used by medical clinics, medical practices and medical billing services nationwide. Availability of the software as a subscription-based service combines the low cost of web-based software with the security of an on-premises installation that helps eliminate threats inherent in processing patient records online.

VersaForm Practice Management has built-in integration with the Company's VersaForm Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software -- which combines clinical patient records with labs, data, prescription writing and other functions -- to streamline and automate front- and back-office processes in the medical practice.

VersaForm Practice Management -- Full-function Trial Version Available

The trial version can be downloaded from the Company's website at no charge. It can be used to enter patient care charges, co-pays, and payments, and to create claims and statements for up to 20 patients. It comes pre-loaded with sample patient records, insurance plans, and other data. Visit

VersaForm Practice Management automates patient billing and medical insurance claims to help practitioners manage accounts receivable for improved cash flow, and patient record-keeping for improved medical office productivity and patient care. It can be used on a single computer or a network.

-- Cash flow management Enter treatments and fees; print statements and expedite claims for faster payment and better control of accounts receivable.

-- On-time operation Appointment Scheduler simplifies office and patient scheduling, with schedule access from any computer in the office.

-- Reduced workload Automated patient accounting and insurance billing allows office staff to serve more patients, answering and researching billing questions and insurance problems with greater accuracy and speed.

-- Usability VersaForm Practice Management offers a familiar ledger card format, reducing staff time-to-proficiency.

-- Improved reporting General office reports are included. Customers can use off-the-shelf tools to customize reports and forms for use with the system's Microsoft SQL Server database.

-- HIPAA Compliance Standard formats enable claims submittal direct to Medicare, medical clearinghouses and other payers in most states.

-- Automatic Posting of Electronic Remittance Advice Eliminates time-consuming manual processes for payments, denials and other insurance results.

-- Secure Access to Records Data resides securely in a database on-premises. Unique passwords provide staff with information access on a need-to-know basis.


Subscription-based service delivers a complete software system for installation at customer premises. Subscriptions start at $125 per month, including software, upgrades, phone/online technical support. Fees are based on number of 'simultaneous-use' workstations supported.

About VersaForm

VersaForm Systems Corporation develops software used in medical offices and clinics nationwide. VersaForm Practice Management and VersaForm Electronic Medical Records can be used separately or as an integrated system to automate and improve processes for electronic billing, insurance claims, accounts receivable, and all patient records. VersaForm software is available as a subscription-based service. Visit