August 19, 2008

Emergisoft Contributes to the Success of Nyack Hospital’s Emergency Room 30-Minute Service Standard

Continuing with their commitment to setting technology standards for emergency department automation, Emergisoft Corporation is pleased to announce the success of the Emergency Room 30-Minute Service Standard at Nyack Hospital where EmergisoftED(TM) is installed. Nyack Hospital, located in Nyack, NY, adopted the 30-Minute Service Standard to eliminate long wait times, overcrowding and patients leaving without being seen in the emergency department.

Prior to implementing the service standard, Nyack Hospital was faced with a problem, like many hospitals, where wait times in the emergency department were up to 4 and 5 hours to receive care from a physician. With over 50% of the hospital's inpatients coming from the emergency department, Nyack Hospital realized that timing was everything while providing a patient with the best care possible. The hospital set a standard that states that patient care from medical professionals will begin within thirty minutes.

David Freed, the President and CEO of Nyack Hospital, said to date, the success of the service standard is well above 90%. Those who were not seen within thirty minutes were seen within 5 to 6 minutes following the 30-minute mark. Freed said when the program was first proposed, it seemed like an unattainable goal. "It sounded outrageous, when you have 4 and 5 hour waits and someone stands up and says they think we could get to the point where we are doing it in 30 minutes. It has been accomplished."

Nyack Hospital implemented EmergisoftED to assist clinicians and administrators in expediting the patient's ED process and to positively impact the quality of patient care. EmergisoftED contributes to the success of the 30-minute service standard by providing Real-Time data so each department in the hospital can track a patient's status.

"Emergisoft, at a high level, has given us the information, rather than the anecdotes that we need to rigorously manage patient's travels through the ED," Freed said. "We know exactly where they are in any point of the process, we know how long it is taking them, and we now have an electronic record of exactly when a patient came and when they were treated."

"We track the program using EmergisoftED everyday. We get on to see how many patients were not seen within thirty minutes," added Megan Cooney, in-house consultant. "We meet everyday to discuss the previous day. It is great for the staff so they can see on a day-to-day basis how they did and what they can do to improve. The real-time data from Emergisoft helps them realize that what they are doing is so great."

Emergisoft helped develop a custom report for the service standard so management and clinicians at Nyack Hospital could track the arrival of a patient and determine if they are seen by either a mid-level clinician and/or physician. "The custom report graph really lays out the exact data we are looking for and it has really become our tracking method," said Alice Cronin, RN, IT Administrator.

The information that EmergisoftED provides the physicians, nurses and management is used to improve Nyack Hospital's patient care through the Emergency Department 30-Minute Service Standard.

"What we are doing is classic continuous performance improvement. Data from Emergisoft really helps us get better day by day," Freed said.

Joseph J. DeSilva, Emergisoft's Chief Executive Officer, added, "We are very pleased that EmergisoftED is supporting Nyack Hospital's Emergency Room 30-Minute Service Standard and their commitment to the community to provide the best patient care."

Since the 30-Minute Service Standard was implemented, Cronin said the hospital staff has pulled together to fulfill their commitment to each patient and has virtually eliminated the patient walk-out rate in Nyack Hospital. "We are now more cohesive than ever. Everyone is connected in the whole hospital. Our focus is on the patient."

The success of Nyack Hospital's new service standard and commitment is reflected in the community. Cronin said that word-of-mouth on the streets about Nyack's guarantee is the hospital's best advertisement. "Patients are happy and calmer now. Everyone is happy."

"I think the service guarantee has completely changed our reputation in the community," added Oscar Marcilla, ED Director. "I've been here almost 3 years and when I first got here we didn't have a great reputation in the community, but because of the service standard, we are able to get a lot of word of mouth and our volume has been up about 20%. I think that is directly related to the better service we are providing."

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