August 20, 2008

Seventeen Children Die of Measles in Southern Sudan

Text of report in English by UN sponsored Radio Miraya FM website, Juba on 20 August

At least 17 children are reported to have died as a result of measles outbreak in Lungochuk County, in Upper Nile State bordering Ethiopia.

Disclosing this in an interview with Miraya FM today, the director of vaccination in Upper Nile State Ministry of Health Dr Peter Oganjok said, reports received thus far confirms that at least 17 children are said to have died as a result of measles in the area.

Dr Ojanjok said At the moment the Ministry of Health is unable to assist in the process due to the lack of paved roads or airstrip in Odier village Mayotte County Where families and children are currently suffering.

Meanwhile, in an effort to eradicate polio, the department of vaccination in the Upper Nile Ministry of Health has announced the end of a joint polio campaign between the State and the Republic of Ethiopia.

According to Dr Peter Oganjok, director of vaccination, the appearance of at least three polio cases was observed last July in some Counties bordering Ethiopia.

He said the campaign targeted more than two thousand children in Upper Nile State and Ethiopia, with an estimated number of over 90 per cent of all the affected areas covered except some areas in the Nassir County which could not be reached due to inaccessibility of the areas.

Originally published by Miraya FM website, Juba, in English 0000 20 Aug 08.

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