August 20, 2008

Sigma-Aldrich Announces Addition of 2,000 New Antibodies

Sigma-Aldrich has announced the addition of over 2,000 antibodies to its line of Prestige antibodies. These antibodies are developed by the Human Proteome Resource and are commercially available through an exclusive partnership with Sigma-Aldrich and Atlas Antibodies.

The new antibodies were announced as the latest additions to the Human Protein Atlas portal. Initially consisting of 1,800 antibodies, the portfolio has grown to over 3,800 antibodies directed against 3,600 genes.

The goal of this project is to produce several thousand antibodies per year and at least one antibody to all 22,000 non-redundant human proteins by 2015. This latest batch of antibodies will be available in Europe immediately and is expected to be available from September 1, 2008 in the US and in other international markets.

According to Sigma-Aldrich, Prestige antibodies are highly validated for specificity and are designed to have low cross-reactivity to other human proteins. Each Prestige antibody is accompanied by 576 tissue immunohistochemistry images and 118 cell and cell line immunocytochemistry images. Prestige antibodies are optimized on a single protocol and are tailored for high throughput operations, providing the potential for significant time and cost savings for researchers.

David Smoller, president of Sigma-Aldrich's research biotech business unit, said: "The expansion of the Human Protein Atlas dramatically advances Sigma-Aldrich's antibody offerings. By providing high-quality, highly validated antibodies, we are addressing one of the largest obstacles faced by the proteomics and cell biology research communities."