August 21, 2008

Tanner Medical Selects Encoda Data Warehouse and Business Analysis Product

Encoda, a provider of healthcare technology, has announced that Tanner Medical Group, a physician group employed by Tanner Health System, has selected its M/EDI Information Generator, a data warehouse and business analysis product.

The medical group administration and staff, in concert with the staff and infrastructure provided by Tanner Health System, provide all operational and financial services necessary to initiate, maintain and sustain successful Medical Group Practices. In order to analyze and produce information from the enormous volume of data created within those client databases, Tanner turned to Encoda for the solution.

According to the Encoda, the M/EDI Information Generator utilizes enterprise-level tools from Oracle and the easy-to-use functionality of Microsoft Excel to enable practices to produce information that is complete and actionable. The database structure was designed for the needs of medical delivery units.

Michael Lovett, vice president of business development at Encoda, said: "Tanner Medical Group is a growing physician medical group that cannot be held back by inadequate tools. With the M/EDI Information Generator, their management team can now utilize a tool that will enable them to quickly do the analysis they need. The results can then be pushed out to their various constituents efficiently using their secure portal. This will save them considerable time, effort and materials each year."