August 22, 2008

The Mind-Body Connection

By Macintosh, Lyn

The Mind-Body Connection Edited by Ian Gawler 1996 The Gawler Foundation, Yarra Junction, Victoria. ISBN 0 958641 12 Therapeutic Guidelines from the Mind, Immunity and Health 1996 Conference.

This is the Workbook for the Second Annual Mind, Immunity & Health Conference held in Lome, Victoria, March 8-11, 1996 and Ian Gawler is the editor of this collection of articles. The focus is on mind/body medicine and it covers counselling, meditation, mindfulness, visualisation and more. The book offers practical techniques to be shared, and theories and ideas to be considered

Don't let the age of the book be a deterrent. There is a wealth of information within these pages provided by 23 practitioners of mind/body medicine, covering a broad range of health related topics.

For example, George Burns explores the role of hypnosis in the area of memory and he provides "...some guidelines for memory recovery adapted from those being developed by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and some therapeutic principles adapted from the work of Bill O'Hanlon( 1989)."

Professor Lea Baider poses questions regarding the impact of the support or lack of support of a partner of someone with cancer. The quality of social relationships may have a direct bearing on survival rates.

The late Maureen Garth authored several books on meditations for children and adults. Her guided visualisation exercises, a favourite of mine, encouraged the use of one's imagination and the rationale of the exercises is explained.

Dr Craig Hassad discusses "The Stress Release program" and Loretta La Roche has an article that favours ".. .healthy doses of laughter." Her laughter prescription is about "preventing a hardening of the attitude".

There is so much here about raising consciousness that could lead to healthy lifestyle changes. In fact, there is something of interest here for everyone. The diversity of the articles is refreshing with the common thread of helping and healing.

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