August 22, 2008

Iranian Parliamentarians to Impeach Minister of Health – MP

Text of report by Iranian daily newspaper Farhang-e Ashti website

Iranian parliamentarians to impeach minister of health - MP

Text of report citing Mehr news agency headlined "The growth of the number of supporters of Lankarani's impeachment" published by Iranian newspaper Farhang-e Ashti on 21 August

The MP for Kermanshah [Jahanbakhsh Amini] has announced that 42 MPs have signed a draft letter on impeachment of the minister of health.

As one of those, Amini pointed to various reasons that caused them to make this decision. Stressing a number of problems which people are facing in the health centres, he added: Hospitals' debts, state manufactories' problems, the people's strong dissatisfaction with Iran's system of health and treatment and...[ellipsis as published] are the main reasons for the health minister's impeachment.

Referring to the cases of deaths in hospitals and the fact that no one takes responsibility for these events, the MP said: Currently, the draft's supporters do not intend to make their names public so that nobody can follow up on them to get their signatures withdrawn. We have decided to present the draft to the parliamentary presidium after the Majlis' holidays [Majlis' work restarts from Saturday, 23 August].

Originally published by Farhang-e Ashti website, Tehran, in Persian, 21 Aug 08, p2.

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