August 25, 2008

SXC Health Solutions Announces Contract Expansion With Arkansas’ State and Public School Employees

LISLE, IL, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SXC Health Solutions, Corp. ("SXC" or the "Company") , a leading provider of technology and pharmacy benefits management services, announces that it has expanded the scope of services delivered to the Employee Benefits Division (EBD) of the State of Arkansas, to include enhanced data integration and clinical analytical services. The agreement is an expansion to the original Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) contract signed in 2004 with EBD and covers approximately 79,500 State and Public School Employees. Under terms of the agreement, EBD will license Integrail's (a division of informedRx-SXC's PBM arm) Pathfinder(tm) PRO Software to provide the State direct access to integrated medical and pharmacy claims data and risk prediction information.

Pathfinder(tm) PRO is a comprehensive software application that enables a wide array of users to understand the impact of healthcare resource allocation and medical decision-making through the incorporation of risk prediction and episode profiling technologies. The application offers users an intuitive system for navigating through data to pinpoint variations in resource utilization and quality of care. The tool offers both a standardized library of reports and robust ad hoc query capabilities that are designed to provide flexible, easy access to complex information.

EBD's interest in Integrail services stems from former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's 2004 Healthy Arkansas initiative that focused on improving the health of Arkansas residents. The program's goal is to turn around a state that perennially ranked as one of the unhealthiest in the country by getting its citizens to exercise more, watch their weight and quit smoking. EBD has encouraged State and Public School Employees to participate in this initiative with various incentives and programs targeted to promote healthy behaviors.

According to Sharon Dickerson, Executive Director, State of Arkansas Employee Benefits Division, "The Integrail software application provides exactly what we have needed for so long, the ability to integrate our medical and pharmacy claims to get an accurate picture of utilization trends and the health of our membership. We are using the reports to assist our membership in providing them wellness services, high risk maternity screening and case management. The Integrail reports also identify who will be high cost utilizers in the future, thus allowing intervention before the high costs claims are incurred. Our health and pharmacy costs are about $500 million annually and this is an ideal way to help manage our program costs. It is a fantastic tool!"

"We are pleased to expand our relationship with the Arkansas state employees," said Mark Thierer, President and CEO of SXC. "Over the course of this relationship, Integrail has continually delivered outstanding customer service and provided analytical insight that has supported informed decision making within EBD with regard to benefit design and clinical support. We are delighted that SXC can continue our successful partnership with the State to improve care, reduce health risk, and contain cost while assisting the State to achieve their Healthy Arkansas Initiative."

About Integrail

Integrail, a division of SXC's InformedRx PBM arm, is dedicated to helping its customers understand and manage healthcare resources through its software application, analytics, and advisory services. Founded in 1998, Integrail has over ten years experience in integrating medical and pharmacy claims data on behalf of health plans, government organizations, employers and physician groups.

The core of the Integrail product line is an advanced set of comprehensive tools for integrating medical and pharmacy claims data. By leveraging our unique proprietary business logic, risk prediction and episode profiling expertise, Integrail enables a wide array of users in healthcare payer and provider organizations to understand the impact of healthcare resource allocation and medical decision making from both clinical and economic perspectives.

About SXC Health Solutions

SXC Health Solutions, Corp. (SXC) is a leading provider of pharmacy benefits management (PBM) services and healthcare IT (HCIT) solutions to the healthcare benefits management industry. The Company's HCIT Group is dedicated to supporting the PBM industry with a broad range of technology, tools and services including a wide range of software applications, application service provider (ASP) processing services and professional services. SXC's customers include the largest organizations in the pharmaceutical supply chain, such as Federal, provincial, and state and local governments, PBMs, managed care organizations, institutional pharmacies, and other healthcare intermediaries. SXC is headquartered in Lisle, Illinois with 13 locations in the US and Canada. For more information please visit

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