August 26, 2008

Trust Warns Swimmers to Observe Safety Rules

South Western Ambulance Service is urging people not to get out of their depth after being called to help swimmers.

The trust is urging people to make sure there is adequate supervision of children at all times, and to check currents, potential dangers and the depth of water.

The trust's chief executive Ken Wenman said: "Already this season, our crews have been called to incidents involving casualties whose injuries, sometimes, have been sustained through carelessness in and around water."

Children who are not competent swimmers should use swimming aids and be watched at all times.

Parents should also look out for beach flags and visit beaches that are manned by lifeguards.

Lilos and similar water play equipment can also be dangerous if used unsupervised.

Activities such as tombstoning and diving into shallow areas are also particularly discouraged due to the obvious dangers.

Already this year, these activities in the South West have caused death and paralysis.

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