August 26, 2008

The Nation’s Leading Health Information Exchange Kicks Off E-Prescribing Initiative

HealthBridge, the nation's leading health information exchange (HIE) operating in the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky region, hosted a demonstration for Congressman Geoff Davis of Kentucky's Fourth Congressional District of how Northern Kentucky is leading the nation in the ability to share health information electronically using Axolotl's Elysium Exchange.

During the visit, Congressman Davis participated in a virtual ribbon-cutting on a new community e-Prescribing application that will enable physicians to send prescriptions electronically to area pharmacies.

"In a time when we are increasingly mobile and electronically-connected, it is a shame that medical records are still largely paper-based," said Congressman Davis. "With today's announcement and demonstration, I have seen firsthand how Northern Kentucky is leading the way for the rest of the nation. We are making it easier for doctors to have the information and the tools they need to give patients the highest quality care possible."

E-prescribing is widely touted as one way to improve health care and lower costs by reducing handwriting errors common in the prescription process. Congressman Davis recently voted to approve legislation that would incentivize e-Prescribing for Medicare patients.

"Health care providers in this region are on the cutting edge of a national movement to transform health care through the use of information technology and connectivity," said Robert Steffel, Executive Director of HealthBridge. "HealthBridge is excited to be able to facilitate this kind of secure information sharing that makes it easier to deliver the best possible care for patients at a lower cost."

Axolotl's Elysium(R) Exchange solution is powering the HealthBridge community, delivering clinical data directly to ambulatory physician EMRs - building a complete patient record. With Elysium, clinicians have an easy-to-use, personalized prescription writer with accurate de-duplicated medication history for interaction checking and seamless bi-directional, electronic connections to retail pharmacies.

HealthBridge received a $45,000 grant award from the Commonwealth of Kentucky to implement the e-Prescribing application in Northern Kentucky. Three pilot practices in Northern Kentucky - Cardiology Associates, Internal Medicine Associates of Northern Kentucky and Patient First Physicians Group - are working with HealthBridge to implement the new e-Prescribing application.

"We have used HealthBridge for years to get test and lab information electronically," stated Dr. Neal Moser, a physician with Internal Medicine Associates of Northern Kentucky and the medical staff president at St. Elizabeth Medical Center. "We are looking forward to using e-Prescribing and the medication history available through HealthBridge to improve care further for our patients."

More about IHDE

HealthBridge is the nation's largest and most successful community health information networks. HealthBridge is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1997 as a community effort to enhance the ability to share health information electronically in the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky tri-state area. St Elizabeth Medical Center was the first hospital to go live with electronic results delivery through HealthBridge in 2000.

Since then, as a result of HealthBridge and its community partners' efforts, the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky region has become the most advanced region in the country for using electronic health information and connectivity to improve the quality and efficiency of health care. In 2007, more than 27 million clinical lab tests, radiology reports, and other results were transmitted to authorized physicians through HealthBridge's secure electronic network, more than any other community health information exchange in the country.

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About Axolotl

Founded in 1995, Axolotl Corp. is North America's leading provider of browser-based products and services for secure health information exchange (HIE) and management. Its award-winning Elysium(R) Exchange suite enables healthcare providers to instantly share information as well as reduce costs, improve quality and optimize efficiency.

Today Elysium helps thousands of healthcare entities--including hospitals, health systems, regional health information organizations (RHIOs/HIOs), clinics, laboratories, radiology centers and physician practices--securely exchange clinical information for more than 25 million patients. Elysium's community-wide Master Patient Index, EdgeServer(s), Interoperability Hub, Virtual Health Record and EMR Lite with integrated e-prescribing are all provided as a software service. In addition, Axolotl-employed U.S.-based transcriptionists provide high-quality medical transcription services, rapid turnaround and total billing transparency using Elysium technology for report delivery.

Axolotl is based in San Jose and best known for introducing Clinical Messaging(R), now at the heart of all health information exchange. For more information about Axolotl, see