August 26, 2008

Billions Invested

Since 1999, the Government has invested more than a billion dollars into our health system.

Seven new hospitals built plus eight other hospital campuses, as well as undertaking major refurbishment including Waikato Hospital with a $215 million redevelopment. This development includes a new 800-space carpark building.

We all know what a nightmare it had been to get parking, and refurbishment of the day clinics and a new accident and emergency clinic were many years overdue.

Would this have happened under National's privatisation agenda? I doubt it, because last time National was the Government they were gearing up the hospitals to be privately run by an American outfit, hence the lack of investment in our hospital and its steady decline during their stewardship.

Tax cuts for the wealthy will have to be paid for somewhere. Is our health system at risk again, just as it is gearing up to be the type of health system we expect?



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