August 27, 2008

Air Ambulance Crews Turn Red

Paramedics on Devon Air Ambulances are becoming more visible.

Instead of blending in with the landscape in green flight suits, the aircrew are adopting flaming red.

The distinctive suits reflect the red colour of the helicopters, which is generally recognised as the international colour for emergency services.

Paramedic and Devon Air Ambulance Trust's clinical support officer Nigel Hare explained: "The change from green to red flight suits is part of a broader policy.

"The new colour will help distinguish aircrew from the land ambulance paramedics in emergency situations, which require a multi- role response, such as a major road traffic collision.

"At the same time, the land ambulance crews are going all green to further enhance the different identities.

"Red is also a health and safety colour and will help us be more easily distinguished when the air ambulance is required to attend remote emergencies.

"We sometimes land in country lanes and have to negotiate fields or moorland, so anything that more clearly identifies us to patients and others involved in an incident will help us all."

Funding for the new suits was raised primarily by the captain and members of Staddon Heights Golf Club.

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