August 27, 2008

Ancient Chinese Holistic Practice Offers Relief From Incontinence

With increasing awareness and the growth of the alternative health market, consumers are increasingly turning to holistic/homeopathic solutions to medical problems and for their general health. One fast-growing example of this is the trend of including "Eastern" practices of yoga, meditation and other natural health solutions into western lifestyles, and its impact on women's health. One specific new product introduced to the U.S. by Aspen-based Juniper Enterprises yields a bevy of health benefits for women seeking cost-effective natural remedies while avoiding invasive surgical procedures or the side effects of prescription drugs. Among the benefits of this ancient Chinese practice using Juniper Enterprise's "Jade Eggs" is a non-strenuous exercise treatment for the prevention of incontinence -- a problem that affects more than half of all women in the U.S. according to the American Association of Family Practitioners -- including just less than fifty percent of women between the ages of 20 and 49! Despite this shocking statistic, millions of women continue to suffer in silence. Though the main forms of incontinence are highly treatable through this natural, comfortable routine with many positive benefits, a multi-billion dollar industry (over $23 Billion in 1995) feeds on consumers' reliance on disposable adult diapers, surgery and prescription drugs. In order to meet the needs of women interested in a natural way to heal and improve their bodies, Juniper Enterprise introduced the Jade Eggs based on the wisdom of an ancient Chinese practice, enabling women to actively and optimally exercise the pelvic floor to restore vaginal health and prevent incontinence.

The Jade Eggs, inspired by the smoothly polished jade stones used by the Empress of ancient China, offer a perfectly simple yet highly effective way to isolate the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, and to train them through a series of techniques, including vaginal weightlifting. They work by providing resistance and feedback, which Dr. Arnold Kegel, for whom ''Kegel'' exercise was coined, deemed crucial to his 93% success rate of curing incontinence. The Kegel exercise is taught in many pre-birth Lamaze classes to contract and strengthen these targeted muscles to ease child birth, but when performed with a biofeedback instrument in place, it was shown that 50% of women perform the exercise incorrectly and for 25% of the women studied, it was even counter-effective! However, when performed with a comfortable tool such as the Jade Eggs, the proper muscle groups are isolated and offered the correct balance of resistance. founder Juniper Enterprises notes: "The fitness of the pelvic floor offers many healthy benefits in addition to preventing and healing incontinence; it facilitates prolonged youthfulness, easier childbirth and a fast and full recovery free from post-pregnancy complications such as prolapsed uteral walls. Most of all, it restores one's confidence and a positive body image when relieved of the embarrassment and inconvenience of incontinence."

About & the Jade Eggs: was established by Juniper Enterprises to increase the awareness and availability of a cost-effective, natural treatment for incontinence in women. Physical changes resulting from pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause often cause stress incontinence when the muscles that supports a woman's bladder (the pelvic floor muscles, and vaginal muscles) are weakened. The Jade Eggs, when used in a regular exercise routine can strengthen these muscles, reducing incontinence and promoting overall health.

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SOURCE: Juniper Enterprises