August 27, 2008

TomoTherapy Wins Clearance for New Radiotherapy Technology

TomoTherapy has received the FDA 510(k) clearance for its TomoDirect radiation therapy technology.

TomoDirect is an innovative new discrete-angle, sliding-beam delivery mode for the HiArt treatment system. With this capability, clinicians are said to gain an efficient complement to helical TomoTherapy, one that enables fast treatment planning and delivery, while broadening the spectrum of patients that can be optimally treated with the advanced platform for cancer care.

According to the company, TomoDirect allows clinicians to choose several discrete angles as well as the optimal modulation level required for delivery. It is said to provide significant time savings in both the planning and delivery phases for several clinical scenarios, including whole breast irradiation and palliative treatments.

In addition to the added capabilities offered by TomoDirect, the HiArt system's treatment modes are being expanded to include 3D conformal delivery, thereby providing a comprehensive range of options for all clinical cases.

Fred Robertson, CEO of TomoTherapy, said: "TomoDirect significantly improves the throughput of our system, and widens the TomoTherapy treatment options available for clinical use. Now, more cancer patients can benefit from true, next-generation treatment technology."