August 28, 2008

Age Concern Over Sex Disease Rates

Sex infections are falling among the young - but are on the rise among the over 45s.

The county's older age groups have seen an increase in the number of Sexually Transmitted Infections treated at Lincolnshire's five Genito-Urinary Medicine clinics last year.

In contrast the number of STIs treated among the under 45s fell from 2006.

With marriages breaking down and people choosing to stay single longer, it is not necessarily the norm to settle down with a partner for life at 25. STI cases among over 45s rose last year from 73 to 76.

"We've got to become more older friendly," said Mr Naylor- Adamson, manager of the GU clinic at Lincoln County Hospital.

"It's a problem nationally but in some of the bigger cities there are more elderly centred services.

"You get older people in our clinic who stick out like a sore thumb and because they're older they feel embarrassed and stigmatised.

"For them they still see us as the clap clinic whereas for younger people it's part of their lifestyle.

"While we're not getting through to every single young person, they are getting the message about coming and getting checked out between relationships.

"But with older people it still tends to be a case of burying your head in the sand."

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