August 28, 2008

Over 5,000 Ill, Two Dead in Nepal Flood Camps

Text of report by privately-owned website on 28 August

Over 5,000 people, displaced from their homes by last week's Saptakoshi flood and taking shelter at the 23 camps in Sunsari, are suffering from various health related problems, mainly pneumonia and high fever. Reports also say that two of them have died while more than two dozens are in serious condition.

One Garmi Mandal, 70, of Haripur-4 died due to hypothermia inside camp 5, reports quoted Sunsari police as saying. Likewise, Shyama Devi Sharma, 45, of Kusaha-4 died at the B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Science (BPIKHS). She was suffering from diarrhoea.

Health workers involved in treating the sick say that more than 24 persons displaced by flood have been admitted to hospitals at Inaruwa and Dharan for treatment. Most of them are said to be in critical condition.

A medical team from military hospital is also treating the sick and the injured in 23 government camps in the district. Similarly, medical teams from Red Cross, BPKIHS and Birat Hospital including others are also involved in treating those suffering from various health-related problems in the camp.

According to doctors involved in treating the patients, lack of safe drinking water, sanitation and bedding in the camps is causing the number of sick inside these camps to increase.

In another report, a team of technicians of the Ministry for Water Resource began repairing spurs of the embankment eroded by the Saptakoshi deluge from Wednesday [27 August], according to the Kathmandu Post.

The report said that the team repaired spurs number 11 and 12 on Wednesday. It is claimed that this would now protect spur-15 from getting eroded as the river waters could change its course.

Meanwhile, the Indian government has directed its authorities concerned to focus on finding an immediate solution of the Koshi deluge and has decided to hold discussion with Nepal to find a long- term solution to the problem.

Originally published by website, Kathmandu, in English 28 Aug 08.

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