NutritionData.Com Introduces ‘My ND,’ A One-Stop Nutrition Destination

August 28, 2008

NEW YORK, Aug. 28 /PRNewswire/ — NutritionData.com has created “My ND,” a new feature that allows users to manage their own nutrition by giving them a one-stop destination for logging and tracking all of their personalized dietary information. The first in several upgrades, “My ND” enables users to track their food intake with ease and to tap into an array of nutritional data for foods and recipes.

“My ND” features include:

— My Foods: Users can store their favorite, frequently used foods and custom food entries in My Foods. The foods are automatically categorized to make them faster to find.

— My Recipes: Combine individual foods, then analyze and save them as a recipe in My Recipes. To build a recipe, users can simply select ingredients stored in My Foods or search the entire NutritionData.com database. A Nutrition Facts label and complete analysis is returned, outlining the nutritional information for the recipe.

— My Tracking: Formerly known as the Total Consumption Report, My Tracking allows users to add and track the foods they eat as well as analyze their diets. Users can view a running total of what they eat and download the totals as reports. An interactive Daily Values bar chart displays the current levels of nutrients in a user’s diet and provides suggested food items that will allow a user to reach his or her recommended Daily Values.

— My Preferences: Users can further personalize their experience on NutritionData.com by customizing their search options or adjusting their individual Daily Values to fit their personal needs. Once altered, the Daily Values will be personalized to fit the user’s needs on every Nutrition Facts label viewed when the user is signed in.

NutritionData.com continues to provide detailed and thorough nutritional analysis for all the food items or recipes saved to “My ND,” including Estimated Glycemic Load(TM), caloric ratio breakdown, nutrition density, and level of satiety. “My ND” can be accessed at http://www.nutritiondata.com/mynd/mytracking/welcome?returnto=/mynd/mytracking

NutritionData.com is a health and nutrition Web site that helps people make better food choices by providing accurate and comprehensive dietary information. Tapping into the USDA’s National Nutrient Database and information from restaurants and food manufacturers, NutritionData.com will instantly provide a complete nutritional analysis for any food or recipe. Along with advice from Nutrition Data’s chief nutritionist, Monica Reinagel, L.D.N., C.N.S., tools such as a Daily Needs Calculator, side-by-side food comparisons, and a virtual “pantry” help visitors select the best foods to match their individual diets. NutritionData.com is part of CondeNet, an Internet unit of Conde Nast Publications.

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CONTACT: Maria Bolognese of CondeNet, +1-212-790-5194,Maria_Bolognese@condenast.com, for NutritionData.com

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