August 28, 2008

Keep Your Summer Physique Strong With the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

This weekend's unofficial end of summer and beach closings don't mean the end of outdoor activity. Labor Day weekend kicks off an exciting time on the Brooklyn Bridge with a new fall schedule of the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp. With school back in session next week, the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp will offer a vigorous workout for anyone seeking a new challenge -- from the fiercest college athletes to moms looking for a change in their workout routine.

Although not for the faint of heart, the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp is for people of all ages, gender, and physical condition. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the Boot Camp structure allows participants to go at their own pace. However, with an experienced instructor like Ariane Hundt, every participant is pushed to reach their maximum potential. The classes, held six days a week, last one hour and entail running, squats, lunges and other mega-calorie burning drills. One session can burn up to 800 calories and when done regularly, can build muscle strength for a lean and sculpted physique.

The Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp was created by Ariane Hundt in May 2008. Her "health for life" philosophy motivated her to incorporate one of NYC's most famous landmarks and beautiful views into her renowned workout program. Ariane educates participants and clients about enjoyable ways to incorporate health and fitness into all aspects of their lives. Ariane is an experienced, certified personal trainer who helps her clients overcome limiting habits and achieve a healthier and happier self.

To sign up for classes this holiday weekend or to see the fall schedule, visit:

SOURCE: The Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp