August 29, 2008

Chair Auction Raises More Than $30,000

RANGELEY - The first Adirondack chair auction was held on Aug. 11 at the Brunswick residence on Bald Mountain Road. The event raised more than $30,000 to benefit Rangeley Region Health and Wellness Partnership.

The auction was overseen by guest auctioneer Larry Koob and collected $19,600 in bids on 13 chairs created by local artists. Donations during and after the event totaling $9,130 were also received, according to Beth Brunswick, RRHWP board member and head of fundraising for the organization.

"The event was terrific. People had a wonderful time and everyone realized how important it is to have the health center, the wellness pavilion and the day care center, and how important it is for everyone to stay healthy," said Brunswick.

An additional $1,590 worth of raffle tickets for the 14th Adirondack chair have been sold as well. The drawing for the chair will be held on Thursday, Sept. 11, with proceeds benefiting Healthy Beginnings Daycare. Tickets for the raffle are available at Franklin Savings Bank, Rangeley Region Wellness Pavilion and from any RRHWP board member.

"Everyone is talking about this (the auction). We are very fortunate to have this donation of time and the donations by the artists," said RRHWP board president Leeanna Wilbur.

According to Brunswick, there are plans to make the Adirondack Chair Auction a regular event and expand the scope of the auction in the future.

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