August 31, 2008

Wards Haunted By Decisions

The ghosts of decisions made by management at the university hospital are well and truly back to haunt the patients there.

Why is it that when everyone with half an ounce of common sense warned of all the pitfalls in taking catering to a foreign company, the blithering idiots still went ahead?

How long are the long-suffering population of the surrounding catchment area going to have to suffer the effects of decisions made entirely in the name of privatisation and profiteering?

The sad truth is the pressure from the greed lobbyists primed by former conservative Governments, media barons and worst of all the gullible voting population, has bought about the demise of the affordable social element of health, industry, utilities including gas, water, electricity and travel.

It is impossible not to digress from the issue of this letter because of every element of the so-called progressive changes, initiated by Thatcher and followed through by Blair. This is not a cure but a placebo for all our ills.

I believe even Conservative voters can now see between 20-30 years of demonstrable failure of leaving it to market forces does not work unless you are super rich too begin with and most will now know it is actually the lower paid and exploited who create the wealth, suffer the worst health and take the blame for all of this nation's ills.



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