September 2, 2008

Castro Valley Toddler Doing Well After Kidney Transplant

By Anonymous

CASTRO VALLEY -- Angelo Miramontes, the Castro Valley toddler who received a donor kidney during transplant surgery Aug. 20, shows no signs of rejecting the organ, his mother says.

"If there is any such thing as the perfect kidney, this is it," Cynthia Canales said Thursday.

Angelo suffered from a rare kidney disorder that made his kidneys fail within two months of his October 2005 birth. He was on dialysis for 14 hours a day, and needed to take liquid nourishment instead of solid food.

The introduction of solid food, and new medication, has made Angelo's immune system susceptible to infection, Canales said. He is being closely monitored at the University of California, San Francisco, where the transplant surgery occurred.

Doctors would not disclose the identity of the kidney donor, although Canales said she was told it was an 18-year-old boy who died.

Dr. Ryutaro Hirose, the surgeon who performed Angelo's transplant, said he transplanted the donor's other kidney into a 13- year-old girl. The donor's liver went to another medical center, he added.

"It is important to mention how many people in the Bay Area, as well as the whole country, are waiting for kidney and other organ transplants," Hirose said. "The need far surpasses the supply, in part because not everyone signs up to be an organ donor or lets their decision be known to their next of kin. If there were more organ donors available, more lives could be saved."

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