September 2, 2008

Aid Rush to India Floods

DOCTORS and medical equipment were being rushed to flood- devastated northern India yesterday in hopes of preventing disease spreading among the hundreds of thousands of victims crowding into refugee camps.

Nearly half of the 1.2 million people who were left homeless when the Kosi River burst its banks two weeks ago had been rescued by yesterday, and officials hope to reach the others in the next three days.

About 250,000 refugees were in government and relief agency camps, said Prataya Amrit, a disaster management official in Bihar state, the scene of the flooding. The rest are with family or friends.

But with the numbers in the camps expected to double, there were fears of outbreaks of diseases such as cholera.

In one camp set up at a school in Saharsa district a nurse was trying to treat the sick with one packet of paracetamol tablets.

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