September 3, 2008

Infor Helps Health Care Providers Address Performance Challenges and Meet Financial Goals

Infor today announced health care companies around the country are successfully using Infor PM (performance management) to lower costs, improve care quality and customer satisfaction, and manage growth. Health care providers, such as The National Institute of Health, Rush University Medical Center, Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital Systems, and University Health Care System, rely on Infor PM to gain timely, accurate insight into operations; reduce time spent on standard business processes such as budgeting and forecasting; and deploy resources more effectively.

The health care industry today holds many challenges for providers including labor shortages, growing costs associated with higher energy expenses, an increase in demand for services, and the economy's impact on collections. To effectively manage these challenges, providers need greater and deeper insight into data from multiple functional areas, such as finance, staffing and human resources, that affect overall operational performance. Infor PM integrates all of this data into one solution, giving providers on-demand access to information on the performance of specific departments or employees, empowering managers to make business decisions more quickly and enabling the organization to maintain its focus on providing quality patient care and services.

"Infor PM provides users a quick and easy way to receive and analyze financial information and performance specific to their department," said Richard Casey, controller, Rush University Medical Center. "Prior to Infor PM, our employees manually entered information from financial reports into individual worksheets or databases to create individual reports. Now, our reporting cycle is more efficient and distributes department-level data throughout the medical center, allowing our employees to focus on proactive performance management and patient care."

In addition to providing quick access to information, health care organizations benefit from reduced data errors typically associated with managing multiple spreadsheets and re-keying of data from one system to another. Infor PM provides health care management one version of the truth, which simplifies processes, such as budgeting and planning, and allows them to instantly obtain operational insight.

"To drive efficiencies throughout our organization we needed to automate the budgeting process, simplify reporting to derive real-time analysis, and deliver role-specific dashboards to the executive team to track key performance metrics such as daily revenue, hours worked per stat, emergency room registrations, and patient revenue," said Lisa Ritch, director, finance, University Health Care System in Augusta, Georgia. "Using Infor PM, we reduced our budget cycle by more than two months. Executives now receive daily reports on the most important information, enabling them to make strategic operational decisions based on accurate, up-to-the-minute data."

"Performance Management provides a deeper understanding of people, processes and systems to help health care providers make the most of their resources at any given time," said Christina McKeon, director, product marketing, performance management, Infor. "Infor PM provides a framework for health care organizations to track and manage goals and objectives, such as physician and nurse retention and provides analysis to better serve existing patients and attract new ones. The solution offers clear insight into performance at a detailed level, including facility, department and employee, giving management the information required to identify areas of top performance and those requiring more attention."

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