September 3, 2008

Turn Over a New Leaf This Fall and Leave Allergens Outside

PROVIDENCE, R.I., Sept. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Obama versus McCain. Ohio State versus Michigan. The World Series. Allergy sufferer versus allergens. As anyone with allergies can attest, the fall season is home to more than one showdown. Fall carries different allergens than spring and sufferers need to suit up for battle.

Along with seasonal allergies, over 20 million Americans suffer from what are called "indoor allergies." The major trigger of indoor allergies is the common dust mite, a microscopic creature measuring one quarter of a millimeter. Dust mites have no developed respiratory system and no eyes, and spend their lives eating, reproducing and generating waste products. It is their waste products, not the mites themselves, which cause allergic reactions.

"The inspiration for our products was really just a parent's concern for the health of his child," said Gary Goldberg, founder and Chief Innovation Officer of CleanBrands LLC, the makers of CleanRest(R) featuring MicronOne(TM) technology. "When we were told that the cause of my oldest child's breathing problems was most likely indoor allergens, I set out to build the proverbial 'better mousetrap.'"

CleanBrands LLC is an industry leading innovator that creates and develops products devoted to improving the health of the sleep environment. The Company's doctor-recommended pillows, pillow cases, mattress encasements and box spring encasements feature MicronOne(TM) technology, creating a barrier against dust mites, mold spores and micro-toxins that can interfere with a healthy night's rest.

MicronOne(TM) products, sold under the brand names CleanRest(R), Healthy ZZZ(TM) and BeneSleep(TM), offer the highest level of protection available. These mattress, box spring and pillow encasements create an impenetrable yet comfortable barrier, preventing a harmful and potentially costly cycle of infestation and contamination.

CleanRest(R), Healthy ZZZ(TM) and BeneSleep(TM) brands are available at most major retailers. To find a retailer near you, visit or

About CleanBrands LLC

Founded in 2006, CleanBrands LLC is a Rhode Island-based company that designs and manufactures the world's most innovative and advanced products devoted to improving the health and comfort of the sleep environment. Leveraging a breakthrough, patented fabric technology called MicronOne(TM), the company's CleanRest(R), Healthy ZZZ(TM) and BeneSleep(TM) brands of bedding products provide the world's most effective and comfortable barrier against the millions of toxins, allergens and bed bugs that can naturally accumulate inside mattresses and pillows. Designed by a third-generation textiles innovator, backed by science, and recommended by physicians, MicronOne(TM) products work. Look for the green MicronOne(TM) shield to ensure that your home becomes the healthy refuge you and your family deserve. Visit for more details.

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CleanBrands LLC

CONTACT: Roger Doyon, Vice President of CleanBrands LLC, +1-401-427-1373,[email protected]

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