September 4, 2008

Precision Dynamics Releases New Ident-Alert Colored Snaps

Precision Dynamics, a provider of automated wristband identification solutions, has released its Ident-Alert colored snaps.

As the newest addition to Precision Dynamics's Alert Band ID products, Ident-Alert colored snaps are expected to alert hospital personnel to the needs of patients. The single post, durable snaps fit on all current snap closure style wristbands, and compliment the use of traditional alert wristbands. New Ident-Alert snaps help improve the patient identification process, which in turn, reduce hospital errors and increases patient safety.

Scott Hirst, director of marketing at Precision Dynamics, said: "Precision Dynamics has partnered with hospitals in every state to design solutions that best solve their current alert standardization needs. We're proud to introduce new solutions like Precision Dynamics's Ident-Alert Colored Snaps designed for healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality in alert patient care, and at the same time, demonstrate to patients and their families their commitment to patient safety."