September 4, 2008

Healing Touch

By Priya Gill

The impact of touch, energies, or past lives on our current life may be greater than we imagine. Allopathy is making way for holistic and natural healing modes, with alternative therapies such as Reiki and past life regression having a discernible impact on the Punjabi populace.Reiki is the Japanese word for 'universal life force energy'. It is a healing technique in which the practitioner uses his hands to transfer energy; balancing energies enhances the healing process. A Reiki healer treating a particular part of the body places their hands on that part and chants a selection of 'healing' words in their mind, like a mantra. Reiki is believed to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago and rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the late nineteenth century. We meet some proponents in Punjab.HARBIR K. SINGHHarbir K. Singh, 67, who retired as a hostel warden, witnessed the benefits of new-age healing and became a believer.

Now a Reiki grandmaster, she first showed interest in the subject over 10 years ago when she had gone to a training session out of sheer curiosity. She now treats over a 1,000 patients.Singh regularly treats herself with Reiki too. Reiki has made me emotionally and physically stronger. I don't get upset over minor issues. I am able to prevent a disease before it hits me, she says. Singh believes that Reiki heals 70 per cent of chronic ailments. Her patients generally come to her with complaints of depression, arthritis, cervical problems, stress, strains, or diabetes, and she gives hands-on healing to the different energy centres of the body, known as chakras. Reiki is most effective when the patient is also on a course of prescribed medicines. Psychic surgery, an alternative to surgery itself, is also a popular practice in Reiki. If you are plagued by severe arthritis, we would administer Reiki to that area, and make you visualise that we're cutting out that portion, cleaning it, lubricating it, and then closing the portion. You will be amazed at how this will instantly make you feel better, says Singh.HARPREET SINGHHarpreet Singh, 31, started learning Reiki in 2002 after he got cured of migraine at a Reiki camp. I wanted to learn the art and help heal others the way it dramatically helped me, he says. There is a growing interest in Reiki in Punjab and people want to learn more about it. Singh's patients usually suffer from depression or migraine and he treats them by touching the temples and eyes. If the patient is open to Reiki, it will surely be successful, but they must take it seriously, says the healer, who runs his own printing company. He says it is a form of natural healing and unlike allopathic medicines, has no side effects. Singh says this method of healing even helps children with their studies.If a student is not able to concentrate, Reiki channelises their energy and mentally prepares them to put their mind to their books. I recommend others to try it as I believe it's the future in medicine, Singh says.RANI BEDIRani Bedi, a traditional Reiki master, first got involved in Reiki in 1999 after a friend recommended it to her. My children were all settled so I used my spare time to delve into my body, mind and soul. I discovered that Reiki heals emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, says the 57-year-old. She cites her fatherin-law as an example; he had fractured his hip badly four years ago, but after regular Reiki sessions has healed completely.Bedi's dog was also healed by Reiki when he dislocated his hip and was in excruciating pain. Bedi sat for two hours with her hands on his hip, letting positive energy flow through. Though the swelling remained, the pain was mitigated. Our veterinarian was amazed to find that the dislocated joint had gone back into the socket, Bedi says.Beside Reiki, Bedi is also into past life regression therapy, which has people explore their past lives and retrieve the energies of those lives so that they can find solutions for the problems they face in the present. When you relive your past you are relieved of the pains of the present, Bedi says.This healing technique goes right to the root of the problem and enables people to eliminate its source. We believe that the root cause of a problem lies in the past, but the effect is felt in the present. By giving constant suggestions, similar to mild hypnosis, the past life regression therapist helps the patient reach an altered state of consciousness that allows access to the sub- conscious mind. After that the patient is regressed down to the time when he was in the mother's womb, moving through the astral realms and unlocking memories of the past. Most people who come in for this form of therapy are in an emotionally turbulent state. Those who are emotionally weak quickly go into regression since emotions are closely linked to the subconscious, says Bedi, adding that it usually takes about half an hour to reach that state and the person should be in a absolutely relaxed state of mind.While undergoing past regression therapy herself, Bedi saw that she had lived in various parts of Asia, which explained her fascination for Oriental things. My house is adorned with Oriental showpieces. Now I know where that interest came from, she says.SNEHA PASSISneha Passi swears by Reiki and says it is truly the 'magical touch'. Passi, 60, worked as an English and Mathematics teacher for 21 years and got into Reiki in 1995 out of her fondness for social service. It gives me immense satisfaction and pleasure to heal others, she says. Passi now has her mastership and sees 15 to 20 patients in a month.About two hours are devoted to each patient. I practise Reiki wholeheartedly. The success rate of this healing technique is 100 per cent. My patients are benefitting, she says.Passi has treated patients suffering from a range of ailments such as menstrual problems, cramps, sleep disorders, and depression. When she was staying in UK with her daughter, she treated a severely depressed English woman. When Passi went to see the woman, she was slumped over and was unable to even get up. After Reiki sessions, the woman was able to stand straight and continues to be fine even today. Her husband had tears in his eyes and told me that I had saved her life, says Passi. The Reiki healer treated another British lady in England who had insomnia. She came to me for seven days and was cured. She never needed sleeping pills again. If the person has a serious or chronic problem, it could take at least three months of regular treatment to get cured. A minor problem, like a headache, takes 15 to 20 minutes to be soothed. These days, many people are avoiding allopathic medicines and opting for natural treatments without side- effects. That is why Reiki is climbing up the popularity charts, says Passi.DR HARMANMOHAN SINGH SANDHUDr Harmanmohan Singh Sandhu, 67, has always been interested in all forms of spirituality. He started off as an allopathic doctor; subsequently moved to homeopathy, and now practises naturopathy. Sandhu has been treating people with past life regression therapy for the past six years. Since this is not the conventional system of therapy I still do not have many patients. It is such an uncommon practice that people find it hard to accept. The rule has always been that we tend to suspect the things that we don't comprehend, says Sandhu.Patients coming to him have nagging phobias or fears, physical problems left uncured by conventional medical treatment, or those who are emotionally upset. Sandhu recalls the instance of another healer's patient who said she suffered from a choking sensation. When taken back into a past life, she discovered she had drowned. That sinking feeling was stored in the cellular memory. Once she realised the root cause of the problem, the feeling subsided. Sandhu charges Rs 1,000 per session and most of his patients come every week for this therapy. There are also people who are having problems with their spouse or boss, or who have been victims of abuse. Some are just curious to know about their past lives, he says.

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