September 5, 2008

Sudan: Patient’s Treatment at Wau Hospital Hindered By Lack of Resources

Text of report in English by independent, Nairobi-based, USAID- funded Sudan Radio Service on 5 September

People seeking medical care at Wau [southern Sudan] Teaching Hospital are not being treated because of a lack of resources.

The director of Wau Teaching Hospital, Dr Paul Atyier, told Sudan Radio Service in Wau on Wednesday that the hospital is facing shortages of qualified medical staff, medical equipment and medicine.

[Atyier] Wau Teaching Hospital, like other teaching hospitals in southern Sudan, is facing a lot of problems. We have deficiency in so many aspects. The building is too old. It does not look like a teaching hospital. The other problem is lack of equipment. Drugs supply is not constant and people are suffering because they are not getting drugs to treat them and some of them have to buy drugs from the market."

Dr Atyier called on the Government of Southern Sudan to "keep its promise" of rehabilitating the hospital and providing drugs and other medical equipment.

Originally published by Sudan Radio Service, Nairobi, in English 0730 5 Sep 08.

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