September 8, 2008

Rosetta Genomics Identifies Potential microRNA Biomarkers in Blood Serum

Rosetta Genomics has announced positive results of a study conducted by its scientists describing the identification of microRNA biomarkers in blood serum.

The findings demonstrate that microRNAs have the potential to be used as clinical biomarkers for a wide range of indications in cancer and women's health, the company said.

Using its proprietary extraction and quantification methods, Rosetta Genomics said that it is now advancing the development of a blood-based test which will utilize microRNAs to detect patients with colon cancer.

Dalia Cohen, chief scientific officer of Rosetta Genomics, said: "This study further validates our understanding that microRNAs may be used as clinical biomarkers for a wide range of indications, both through invasive and non-invasive methods.

"The results of this study are the basis of one of our development programs to detect colon cancer via microRNAs identified in serum. I believe our strong scientific capabilities will continue to produce exciting studies, which we will share once available."