September 8, 2008

Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill Added at NovaCare Rehabilitation

NovaCare Rehabilitation, a division of Select Medical Corporation and the nation's largest provider of outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation services, is now the only facility in Pennsylvania to offer Alter-G's innovative G-Trainer anti-gravity treadmill for athletic training and medical treatment programs.

Alter-G's technology, developed by NASA and tested by Nike, is different from other fitness and therapeutic equipment because it defies gravity by applying a lifting force to the body that reduces weight on the lower extremities. Unlike other unweighting methods, the G-Trainer enables athletes to train with their natural gait and rhythm, and significantly shortens the time required for patients to recover from injury or surgery.

"We are excited to provide this new technology in our center," said Christopher Zanke, MS, MPT, and Vice President of NovaCare Rehabilitation in Pittsburgh. "Our clinical team and referring physicians can use the G-Trainer with an injured weekend warrior wanting to get back to full capacity, or with a high-level athlete working on increasing performance levels."

Numerous Olympians who trained for the 2008 games in Beijing proved the G-Trainer's effectiveness this summer, including several runners recovering from injuries. In addition, 15 professional sports teams, 12 universities, and numerous performance enhancement facilities also use the equipment.

Alter-G's equipment allows a person to train longer, minimize stress on the joints, and exercise at a higher level of intensity. This type of therapy is also beneficial to medical patients suffering from arthritis, lower extremity fractures, knee replacement surgery, joint problems, strokes, neurological and balance disorders, and many other conditions.

"The G-Trainer is being adopted nationally by leading hospitals and rehabilitation clinics and we are pleased to see NovaCare Rehabilitation as one of those pioneers," said Lars Barfod, CEO of Alter-G. "Our unique approach to unweighted physical therapy preserves natural body movement, prevents falls and benefits a broad range of medical conditions." The FDA approved the G-Trainer for medical use in January 2008.

The new equipment allows NovaCare clinicians to prescribe accurate partial weight-bearing exercise to more of their patients who are recovering from surgery, injury or disease of the lower body. Patients are encouraged to ask their physicians if the G-Trainer is an appropriate treatment option.

About NovaCare Rehabilitation

NovaCare Rehabilitation, a division of Select Medical Corporation, is a nationally prominent, locally driven provider of outpatient physical and occupational therapy services. The Select Medical Outpatient Division has an integrated local market network of approximately 980 centers in 37 states and the District of Columbia. In the majority of markets, we operate as NovaCare Rehabilitation, Select Physical Therapy or Kessler Rehabilitation Center. NovaCare operates 23 centers throughout Western Pennsylvania.

About Alter-G

Alter-G, Inc. is the only company to offer FDA-approved rehabilitation and therapy equipment built on revolutionary, anti-gravity technologies developed by NASA. Tested by Nike's Oregon Research Project for distance runners, its patented equipment is used to provide unweighted physical therapy treatments at America's most respected major medical centers, and is used in leading professional, collegiate, and individual sports and fitness programs. Located in Silicon Valley, Alter-G's innovatively engineered products, including its flagship G-Trainer anti-gravity treadmill, are sold in North America, Europe, and Asia. Learn more at