September 9, 2008

Summer Infant(R) Announces A Comprehensive Safe and Sound Sleeping Program

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- ABC Kids Expo -- Summer Infant(R), a leading juvenile products company dedicated to making parenting The Best Time of Your Life(TM), today announces the availability of an assortment of products designed for Safe and Sound Sleeping. The Symmetry Sleep Positioner Secure Sleep(TM) Baby Monitor, Secure Sleep(TM) Handheld Color Video Monitor and SwaddleMe(R) Infant Wrap work together to provide a safe sleeping environment for babies while giving peace of mind to parents.

"Summer Infant recognizes every parent's top concern is the safety of their babies," said Jason Macari, President and CEO of Summer Infant. "Our Safe and Sound Sleeping Program offers caregivers four innovative solutions that work symbiotically to protect babies for restful, safe sleeping."

The Symmetry Sleep Positioner (45040, SRP $59.99) is a unique infant positioner designed to prevent Positional Plagiocephaly, commonly known as Flat-Head Syndrome. Plagiocephaly is a condition that occurs when a baby's skull misshapes and creates a flat surface due to continuously lying in one position. Developed by leading family physician Dr. Ricardo Hahn (also known as Dr. Plagio), the Symmetry Sleep Positioner is the latest medical breakthrough in sleep positioner technology and is expertly designed to cradle the soft curves of a baby's head for proper development while also providing full body support for comfort. The FloThru(TM) cover is breathable to help reduce overheating. A simple and effective reminder system lets parents position their baby correctly. The product includes a parent-friendly caliper for measuring the symmetry of a baby's head, which is an essential component in the early detection of Plagiocephaly. With clinical trials backing its effectiveness and FDA endorsement recognizing its medical potential, the Symmetry Sleep Positioner proves to be the best solution in combating Plagiocephaly.

To further enable parents to learn by heart the key steps to Plagiocephaly prevention, Basic Comfort, now part of the Summer Infant family of brands, developed a simple reminder system called "TOTS". TOTS means: Tummy time, Opposite side of the crib, Turn your babies head and Switch arms. When used in conjunction with the Symmetry Sleep Positioner, parents are well on their way to preventing the increasingly common condition of Plagiocephaly.

The Kiddopotamus(R) Secure Sleep(TM) Baby Monitor (02710, SRP 59.99) is a truly comforting choice for parents who want to make sure their little ones are as relaxed and contented as possible during naps and bedtime. It not only lets parents keep a close ear on baby, but also monitors the baby's room temperature via a built-in thermometer that registers on both the child's and parent's units. Both units also glow and change color, signifying if the room is too cold, too hot, or just right. Features include: 900MHz digital technology, LCD screen, nightlight, colors for too hot (red), too cold (blue), or just right (yellow), rechargeable batteries, Fahrenheit reading with Celsius option, 2 AC adapters, belt clip, sound lights, low battery indicator, volume control, 650' range and 2 channels.

The Kiddopotamus(R) Secure Sleep(TM) Handheld Color Video Monitor (02630, SRP $199.99) provides the ultimate in peace of mind for parents monitoring their sleeping baby. The comfort parents receive from knowing they are viewing their baby with a 100% secure digital signal is now enhanced with the unique feature of being able to also monitor the baby's room temperature. The Secure Sleep Handheld Color Video Monitor features 2.4GHz digital technology and has a 1.8" color display screen to view baby and a separate LCD screen that digitally displays the room temperature with a corresponding colored backlit glow feature. Colors signify if the room is too hot (red), too cold (blue), or just right (yellow). Other features include: color video (day), and black and white (night vision), Fahrenheit reading with Celsius option, an on/off video button for nighttime sleeping convenience, LED sound lights, belt clip, volume control, rechargeable batteries, 2 AC adapters and 350' range.

The Kiddopotamus(R) SwaddleMe(R) Adjustable Infant Wrap (10802, SRP from $9.99) provides the most effective way to securely swaddle newborns in their cribs. Wrapping babies in the comfort of the SwaddleMe(R) provides parents with assurance that their babies will sleep safe, sound and secure. Acquired by Summer Infant earlier this year, the renowned SwaddleMe(R) soothes infants and reduces symptoms of colic by recreating the soothing snugness of the womb. It also reduces the incidence of the startle reflex, helping babies to sleep longer. SwaddleMe(R) comes in a variety of fabrics, colors and includes and eco-friendly and organic collection.

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