September 9, 2008

BridgeHealth International, Inc. Partners With Passport Health to Provide Continuum of Care for Medical Travelers

Extending its commitment to provide clients with a streamlined continuum of care, BridgeHealth International, Inc. ( today announced a partnership with Passport Health (, the nation's largest provider of travel medical services. BridgeHealth, a premier service provider to businesses and individuals for the delivery of international medical care, now offers the Passport portfolio of comprehensive pre- and post-travel medical services that include destination-specific travel information, travel medicine immunizations, specialty travel products, and international travel health insurance.

"BridgeHealth is well-positioned to optimize the medical travel experience, providing personalized guidance and expertise that helps individuals to address every aspect of their journey to better health, including options for accessing care prior to leaving the United States and upon their return home," says Victor Lazzaro, Jr., CEO of BridgeHealth. "This partnership further strengthens our program offering and provides BridgeHealth clients with peace of mind before, during, and after their medical travel excursion."

Passport Health, which counsels 60,000 clients each month, has 166 locations nationwide in 35 states. Their Travel Medicine Specialists administer and prescribe vaccinations and medications recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and other world surveillance organizations that constantly monitor outbreaks and other health hazards that affect travelers when they arrive at their destination.

Passport Health is backed by a staff of professionals that includes board-certified physicians and registered nurses who have completed rigorous training in the field of travel medicine and immunology. They will provide BridgeHealth clients with destination-specific counseling and immunizations, medications, specialty travel health products, medical evacuation insurance, travel insurance, passport and visa expeditor services, and any necessary follow-up care and services.

Passport Health Travel Medicine Specialists will:

-- Assess health history and individual needs based on itinerary

-- Provide the latest information on health risks, required and recommended immunizations, safety precautions and security tips, and medical evacuation

-- Discuss precautionary measures for dietary and recreational activities

-- Administer and prescribe immunizations and medications

According to Fran Lessans, founder and CEO, Passport Health, "We're proud to align with BridgeHealth and be a part of a medical travel program that always puts patient safety first. The supplementary, end-to-end medical care that Passport Health will provide to BridgeHealth clients takes all the guess work out of the medical travel equation."

About BridgeHealth International, Inc.

BridgeHealth International, Inc. (BridgeHealth) is the premier service provider in the burgeoning medical travel industry, founded with a vision "to create a trusted bridge to the world of international healthcare." BridgeHealth serves health plans, insurance carriers, employers, third party administrators, individuals accessing benefits via voluntary benefits plans, health and affinity card programs or Consumer Directed Health Care Plans (CDHP), and individual consumers seeking medical travel options. Visit

About Passport Health

Founded in 1994, Passport Health is the largest doctor-recommended provider of vaccines in the nation. We currently operate 166 locations nationwide in 35 states. Passport Health's services include adult and adolescent immunizations for international travel, back-to-school, immigration and naturalization, military readiness, disaster relief, medical tourism, and bioterrorism response. We specialize in travel vaccinations, like Japanese encephalitis and yellow fever. Vaccine services for employers and schools include on-site clinics for flu, meningitis, and more. Passport Health has provided anthrax vaccinations and smallpox vaccination training and has worked with the U.S. military, Post Office, and Federal employees and currently runs a 24/7 immunization call center for the Department of Defense. Visit