September 11, 2008

Revolutionary HealthBookSummaries.Com Service Delivers Summaries of Top Health Books From the Industry’s Best Authors for Free

TUCSON, Ariz., Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- A new service launched by health authors Mike Adams and Kevin Gianni will utterly transform the way the average reader gets their health information. delivers condensed summaries of books on health, nutrition and natural living... all for free. The website works with the industry's top authors and publishers to obtain the rights to publish summaries of the very best books on health, fitness, nutrition, green living, and much more. Information-rich summaries of each book are then created and put into non-copy-protected, downloadable PDF files (Adobe Acrobat) that can be printed or read on any computer.

The service is funded by select sponsors whose ads appear in the summary documents. Current HealthBookSummary sponsors include Organic Food Bar, Wellness Resources, Nutrex Hawaii, Vitacost, Living Fuel, Boku Superfood, Bodhi Soap Nuts and Renegade Health. These sponsors cover the costs of producing and distributing the book summaries, giving registered readers full access to the most concentrated source of health knowledge that's ever been offered at no cost.

Readers who wish to sign up for the service can just go to and enter their e-mail address for immediate access to the summary downloads.

"To create, we've selected the very best books from pioneering authors who truly 'get it' about nutrition, disease reversal, green living and fitness," says co-founder Adams. "These are authors like Dr. Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe, Ray Moynihan, Bruce Lipton, Brendan Brazier ... readers can invest just a few minutes reading HealthBookSummaries and they'll be exposed to the knowledge benefits that would normally require hours of time.

Each summary is available at no charge by registering at Companies interested in sponsoring future summaries can contact Health Book Summaries Inc. by e-mailing [email protected]

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